About us


About Colsulting

Colsulting is the perfect ally to solve the difficulties that medium and small companies often face when doing businesses between South American and European market, eliminating all the complexity involved.

Through a personalized service, a network of valuable contacts and an effective, talented and expert team; Colsulting offers a range of consulting, strategic, and operational services, guiding our clients to perform successful commercial operations in Europe, from our office in The Netherlands, and in Latin America, from our office in Colombia.

Advantages of working with us:

  • We eliminate unnecessary actions, allowing our customers to work efficiently.
  • We have a group of allies working hand by hand with Colsulting in the needs of our clients.
  • Having an international commercial knowledge, with a deep understanding of the territory, specially in relation to legal matters in Colombia.
  • We have an strategic position, reaching direct contact with the right person.


In a globalized, interconnected, diverse and complex world, Colsulting offers a bridge between European and Colombian market. Through a personalized teamwork, with wide knowledge of the territory, the language and the culture, we aim to increase the competitiveness of your business in a new and unknown market.


To establish a clear, stable and direct integration between Latin American and European market, providing a professional and personalized support to our clients, by designing, developing, representing and promoting businesses and projects, with a professional, experienced and highly committed team.

Our Values

Commitment – Our motivation goes beyond compliance.
Experience – We have the knowledge required and a prepared team working for you.
Innovation – We develop and implement new strategies to get better results.
Integrity – We act honestly and transparently.
Passion – We love what we do and where we do it, which lead us to provide an exceptional service.